Identifying Opportunities.
Executing Appropriate Strategies.
Maximizing Investment Value.

Risk Adjusted Investment Returns

Trillium Ventures MSV seeks to provide attractive returns through investment and operation of high quality multifamily properties. We also evaluate investments in various real estate sectors such as office, industrial, retail and storage. We implement our investment strategy through extensive analysis, in depth asset management and experienced operational control.

Identifying Opportunities and Executing Strategies

By working with an extensive network of real estate professionals Trillium is able to identify and analyze a wide selection of properties around the country. We are then able to pursue the properties that best fit our business model and the goals of our investors. All investment markets go through their own cycle and real estate is no different. We recognize these cycles and are disciplined when analyzing and pricing potential investments. Trillium utilizes leverage at appropriate levels to enhance investment returns but not put the asset in greater risk when there is a change in market conditions.

Value Added Real Estate and Construction Services

Trillium provides investment management, asset management, leasing, property management and construction management to the properties in its portfolio and for our strategic partners. By offering all these services we can maximize value and control cost in order to create outstanding returns for our clients and partners. Through a broad service structure we maintain a high level of quality and add value to the asset throughout the term of the investment.

Risk Management

Assessing the risk profile in any investment is a key factor in deciding which opportunities to pursue. In real estate there are various risks including vacancy, rental rate, physical structure and economic to list a few. Trillium looks to mitigate the risks by investing in high quality markets that exhibit growth, by identifying properties in locations with improving economic drivers as well as selecting properties with the desired physical qualifications. In addition, we look to implement an operational strategy tailored to the property that focuses on maximizing value and providing highly responsive service to tenants.