Property Management

Trillium Management focuses on an ownership driven perspective with all our property management decisions. Our management goal is to maximize the value of the investment accomplishing this by taking care of the tenants, improving revenue streams and minimizing unnecessary expenses. We are committed to innovating the processes and the functionality of the asset to improve the overall operation and ultimately the asset’s value.

Quality Management

Personnel are the key factor in optimizing a property. The property employees are the face of the company and crucial to delivering outstanding results our team strives for with each investment. Trillium is committed to finding, training, and empowering top performers at each property.

Each property has an individual strategic plan developed for the operation. This plan is executed and watched closely to insure success. There is a continued effort to improve the performance of the property. The on-site office staff is continually working to maximize rents, create high impact marketing campaigns and develop cost effective operating practices. We look to empower high quality maintenance and construction staff to improve and care for the physical aspects of the properties and identify ways to reduce cost and maintain the property more effectively.

Tenant Service and Response

One of the ways to minimize risk in a property is to attract and retain high quality tenants. We find it paramount in our operations to treat our tenants as more than a monthly payment but as a partner in our success. Tenants treated as individuals and who believe you care about their home are often your best advertising. In order to accomplish this relationship, communication with the residents is vital. We make sure we respond in timely manner to all requests and that we work to exceed expectations. Taking care of maintenance calls promptly reduces turnover expenses and keeps tenants satisfied and around for years to come.

"We are committed to providing quality service to every one of our tenants."

- Trillium Management

Construction Services

Trillium Management is able to reduce expenses by managing construction renovation in-house under Trillium Construction MSV. Through the construction management process we are able to control the construction work from design through bidding through completion of the project. We obtain bids from qualified subcontractors and select our team based our qualification process. We are continually reviewing the numbers to reduce expenses, wasted material, and energy. We work with our vendors and identify new relationships to achieve the best pricing available.

Increase Returns Through Management

We look at the entire property as a business and every aspect of the operation is important to reaching the properties full potential. The management team works with all stakeholders to reach and exceed the goals set for the property and maximize investor return by improving long term value of the property and tenant community.