Real Estate Investment

Trillium Ventures MSV provides multifamily real estate investment opportunities that focus on strong cash on cash returns and risk adjusted appreciation. Trillium establishes separate partnerships that invest in a specific property to create an investor friendly investment structure. Our wide range of services allows us to control the investment operation and strategy from acquisition to final sale.

Investment Qualifications

  • Asset Quality
  • Market Economic Drivers
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Strong Cash Flow Potentional
  • Desired Risk Profile
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Exit Capabilities

Why Multifamily Investment

We believe apartment ownership will be a strong investment class in the coming years as home ownership views change with the current generation and the need to be flexible in order to take advantage of job opportunities across the country. Compared to other investment vehicles we find the apartment investments provide a better risk-return profile. Through shorter term leases in the apartment industry we are able to adapt to changing economic conditions in the market. Our focus on improving assets through efficient management and physical improvements allow us to create value in various market conditions.

Investor Network

Trillium works with a network of investors to acquire assets. We offer investors the opportunity to partner in individual investments as each property is qualified and determined to be a desired acquisition. Once the investor group is determined a partnership is formed to hold and operate the property with Trillium as the managing partner.

Investment Model

Trillium identifies value added investment opportunities where either management or the physical property can be improved. Each acquisition is structured as a separate partnership to protect our investor’s and Trillium’s individual holdings. Typical leverage on a property ranges from 60% to 80% loans, with the other portion made up investor equity.

Trillium’s compensation is based on acting as the managing partner for the individual partnership. The investors will receive a preferred cash return as well any appreciation from the sale of the property. Trillium aligns its fees with the performance of the property. This structure creates incentive for us to maximize returns to our investors.

We also offer the ability to invest in a Multifamily Opportunity Fund to qualified investors, through our national real estate partner. The fund allows investors to diversify assets into a managed portfolio of multifamily real estate and provides attractive capital preservation, cash distributions and asset appreciation.

If you would like additional information regarding our investment structure, please contact us.